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Moody Crewe - Singing
Moody Crewe - Boy Scouts
Moody Crewe - Museum Program

 Regional Cub Scout Resident Camp
"Al and the Crewe,
I would like to thank you all for coming to visit Camp Rock Enon for the Cub Resident Camp. All our cub scout mates (and their elders) loved your program! Not only was the experience you brought to them fun, but very educational (although they never did realize it). With so many scouts participating at one time it's hard to give them a super hands on experience, but your crewe did just that!
Once again, thank you for a wonderful experience."
Teresa Sullivan

Moody Crewe - School Program

Virginia Beach Historic Houses
"Thank you all for such a wonderful program. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and those that filled out surveys gave you all a high rating. It was awesome working with you al and we hope to do it again next year."
Kim Schmidtmann
Virginia Beach Historic Houses

Moody Crewe - Living History

National Geographic Museum
"Working with Moody Crewe was wonderful from the start. The entire group was friendly, outgoing, and great with our audience. They were incredibly knowledgeable and obviously passionate about the content they were presenting. Combined with the quality of their displays they were able to keep festival-goers young and old interested. Moody Crewe represents the perfect marriage of historical re-enactor with museum-quality educational programming and will remain in our Rolodex for future events!"
Lisa M. Kopp
Director, Visitor Services
National Geographic Society
Washington, D.C

Moody Crewe Pirates for Hire

Spirit of Norfolk Halloween Cruise
"Dear Pirates,
 Our daughter and granddaughter were visiting from Washington state and we all came to the Pirates, Mermaids and Monsters Cruise aboard the Spirit of Norfolk. Our granddaughter had a wonderful time talking to and singing with your crew and as a retired teacher I was keenly aware of how well you all interacted with the children. It was wonderful to watch. Thank you for what you do."
Mark and Valerie Morrison

Moody Crewe - Museum Display

Beta Sigma Phi Virginia State Convention

The Moody Crewe performed for the Beta Sigma Phi Virginia State Convention held at the Westin, on October 18, 2014.  The theme for the evening dinner was Treasure Island and the seaworthy pirates sang sea shanty songs, and led group participation songs.  They also shared stories of pirate lore and  jokes with the crowd.   After dinner they graciously agreed to stay and have pictures taken with many sorority sisters.  We had a great time and I would highly recommend the Moody Crewe for any function where a good time is to be had by all!"  

Sincerely, Kathy Mulkey, Committee Member 

"Hi Al, I can’t believe it has been almost a year since you performed at the Convention at the Westin.  People still talk about what a great time they had when you and your group performed."

Take care, Kathy Mulkey

                                                                                     Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum
" Dear Moody Crewe, A huge thank you for a wonderful event you put on for us on May 2nd. We received so much positive feedback from the visitors we had that day, and everyone present had a wonderful time!  The kids really enjoyed the “School of the Pirate” as well!  I’m really excited about the upcoming camps because I know, as always, your Crewe will create a fun, exciting, and educational adventure.  The time and effort you have put into the events you have helped us with is always outstanding and deeply appreciated!"
Sincerely, Katie Spacek, Assistant Curator
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum

Armstrong Elementary School Fund Raiser
"I wanted to thank you and your crewe very, very much for coming to our family fun night and adding a very authentic Pirate flair to the evening! To date every person I have talked to has said it was our best event yet and that they really enjoyed you guys. It is al so looking to be our most profitable event to date, which given the current economic conditions is amazing. This was my first time helping run an event of this type and although it went wonderfully I really felt we kind of left you guys to make your own way and figure out how to help. Regardless of that you all made the most of it and really spent time with the kids, played games with them, and mingled among the crowds, etc. Your independence is a reflection of you and your crewe's professionalism and experience."
 Jean Van Hyning
 VP fundraising
Armstrong Elem. School

1st Annual Urbanna Founders Day
"Al, thank you for bringing the Moody Crewe to Urbanna for our first Founders Day! I knew that the enthusiasm and energy you would bring to our event could only add a wonderful touch to the end result.I had in mind that Barbara Lovelace could incorporate a trial of a pirate into the presentation of other re-enactors she had in her circle of history fans, I just could not imagine how well you would work with her team, the militia and other re-enactors to bring drama and pizzazz to the event. The Moody Crewe were perfect as witnesses for the defense during the trial on the steps of what was once the courthouse for a real pirate trial!
On behalf of the Urbanna Business Association, thank for a job well done!"
Steven Hollberg

Mayor of Urbanna