Moody Crewe Pirates for Hire


Martin took work aboard the Baltimore Merchant as his first honest job when he was a young teen, but after only 5 weeks at sea the ship was taken by Christopher Moody and Martin eagerly joined the pirate's crew. He fit in well and was a quick study who became a gunner's mate. Due to a severe wound he received in battle he returned to a life on shore but he enjoys catching up with his old shipmates whenever possible.


'Retta was born to an inn keeper and his wife in Western New York.  After causing much mayhem at home, she was sent to live with her uncle in Massachusetts.  Dressed as a boy 'Retta worked in her uncle’s shipyard and by the age of sixteen could do anything a man could do in the yard.  Having a pint one evening with the boys 'Retta watched as a whaling ship docked at the pier.  Pushing herself back into the corner, she watched a man, destined to be the love of her life, enter the tavern.  'Retta stowed away on the whaling ship and managed to stay hidden for six days.  Called into the Captain’s cabin, she confessed her gender and her infatuation for one of his crew.  She was unceremoniously dropped off in the Virginia colony without so much as knowing her love’s name..

James was born in Bridgetown, Barbados. His grandmother had been sent from Ireland by Oliver Cromwell’s forces in 1649 and forced into slavery on a sugar plantation. His mother was born into the life of labor for a wealthy English landowner. She was eventually found to be with child, and though it was never proven, it was widely known that the Englishman was responsible for her condition. The child would grow into a young man with a strong hatred for his English masters, and a talent for music that he would employ to the delight of his family and fellow laborers. James eventually escaped, killing two of the landowner’s sons, his own half-brothers. He made his way to the port, and eventually to sea aboard a privateer. The budding seafarer, known to most others simply as “Irish”, sailed the Pirate Round with fellow Irishman Edward England, and gained even more renown as a musician, before finding himself favored by Christopher Moody for his musical abilities.

To the benefit of his new bride Lou signed on as a privateer just months before the end of Queen Anne's war. It was a quick and easy transition for him to become a pirate but he never told his young wife. Wynn who works at the Sea Dog Tavern, if fully aware that her husband is now a member of Christopher Moody's crew of pirates but pretends to believe Lou's stories of how he earns an honest share of the rewards collected as a privateer.

"Mother" Janet

Moody Crewe - Janet Waltz

As a young medical man, just out of Surgeons' Hall with certificate in hand, Barnabee could find all the adventure he could possibly want. However, running a private surgery was not exciting enough for him. He sold out and signed aboard a Dutch slave ship, the Princess, scheduled to transport slaves to the New World. Just 9 days after leaving the Gold Coast the Princess was captured by Howell Davis' crew of pirates. Thirty- four crewmen from the Princess were taken, including the Surgeon and the navigator, Bartholomew Roberts. A surgeon on a pirate ship was awarded a great deal of respect and was considered the most valuable man on board.  His share of any booty was usually more than what the Captain received. Among the pirates Barnabee also perfected his natural talents as a swordsman and gunner and when Robert's was chosen to replace Davis as Captain he kept Barnabee in his House of Lords as Surgeon and confidant.  When Christopher Moody left Bart’s crewe, as captain of his own vessel to plunder the Americas, Barnaby was hand-picked to go along.

The Navy would never have a lass at sea, so she went in search of piracy! A Fantastic tale, but most assuredly true. She once was married to a privateering sea captain, a gambler whose health was bad and his card skills worse; 'twas a misfortune he expired during a high-stakes game of Primero. She took over his hand and prevailed, winning back his ship, the galleon, Overland, now her own. Seeking fame and fortune she hired notorious mercenary, Barnabe Wilde, to accompany her and sail in search of adventure and gold. She now sails alongside the crew of Captain Moody. She amuses herself and others as a tavern entertainer, chanty singer, lady of many charms, apothecary, espionne, a truly dreadful bodhran player and on occasion the barber-surgeon's assistant.

In other words, she is a merchant of opportunity.

 Jack worked as a cooper and signed aboard a whaler his first time at sea. After three years his ship was finally heading to port and Jack, now called “Tiny”, was looking forward to a big pay off. However, just a few weeks from port the whalers’ ship was seen and overtaken by pirates. They looted the ship of sails and lines and charts but left the whale oil untouched.  Captain Moody was impressed by Jack’s immense size and offered to let him join the pirate crew. Jack refused mostly because he wanted the money he was owed after working for three years. With a cutlass at this throat he rethought his decision and reluctantly signed on with the pirates. It didn’t take him long to realize that as a pirate he could make more money than a whaler could in a lot less time.

Sweet Caroline

Malyson Haight

Moody Crewe - Jim Waltz

Barnabee Wylde


Moody Crewe - Marty Morgan


Moody Crewe - Al Chewning
Moody Crewe - Drew Shumate

Lizza Lott

Moody Crewe - Jack Morgan
Moody Crewe - Martina Finley

Alpheus Quartermaster

Moody Crewe - James West


Rusty began his life in the area of Amsterdam. He soon became a highway man traveling the woods and lands robbing travelers. Rusty was known far and wide for his ability to change his appearance and blend in or stand out amongst the crowds as he saw fit. He was captured posing as a constable near the dutch ports and press ganged into service on board a trading vessel. When in Jamaica three weeks later he jumped ship and joined up with pirates. He's the Bosun aboard Moody's ship, Defiance.

Moody Crewe - Carol Chewning

Jamie, a Catholic, was run out of his home in Edinburgh by the Scottish Presbyterians and King James' troops. Refusing to call himself an Englishman after the Scottish government was abolished he stowed away on a Dutch merchant ship bound for the new world. After three days at sea he was discovered by the ship's first mate, another Scotsman, who persuaded the Captain to put Jamie to work as a carpenter. Several weeks later, off the coast of Carolina, Jamie's ship was captured by Christopher Moody's pirates and Jamie signed on rather than be put to death.

Sweet Caroline is the local tavern keeper and the daughter of a New England sea captian. After her mother died she traveled aboard ship with her father so she feels a particular loyalty to sailors. While her father's ship was in the Virginia colony for repairs Sweet Caroline met and married the owner of the C Dog tavern. When her husband was killed in a brawl she took over ownership of the tavern, an unusual position for a woman at this time. The tavern provides a tasty reprieve from ship cooking, libations, and herbal remedies for "what ails ye" from the stillroom. Don't let it be known, but Sweet Caroline might barter information useful to those of a salvaging nature in return for spices and other hard to find essentials..

Moody Crewe - Rusty Michaels


Moody Crewe - Luke Waltz


Alpheus was fishing off the harbor entrance at Nova Scotia when his small boat was fired on  and sunk by a French frigate.  Having lost his source of income  he joined up with a privateer and gained considerable experience in naval combat.  When Queen Anne's War ended he was in the Caribbean and again without a job so he joined up with Christopher Moody and became a pirate. He has a deep hatred for all things French, but he has a fondness for a certain wench at the Sea Dog tavern

As a navigator aboard a Dutch merchant ship he earned the unique nickname "Headshot" when he shot another sailor right between the eyes in a dual in a Rotterdam street. Unfortunately, that same dual cost him his freedom when he was jailed and charged with murder as a result. After a few days he managed to escape and stowed away on a slave ship, La Paix. Once underway he surrendered himself to the ship's Master who put him to work until they reached Jamaica where "Headshot was put ashore. One night in a tavern he met a man who also spoke Dutch and the two discussed their departure from the island. They saw the sloop Defiance at anchor and signed up with Christopher Moody's crew where "Headshot" was eventually made the navigator of the Defiance.

Fingers was born on a Pacific Isle and abandoned at birth by her parents because of gender. She was raised by the local villagers and worked hard to prove that she was as good as any man. When the British came to the island she dressed herself as a man and became a deckhand on a small merchant ship. So her voice wouldn't betray her secret she developed a way of communicating by making words and letters with her fingers (hence her nickname). Through a series of events she was aboard a vessel that was was captured by pirates off the coast of Africa. Maintaining her disguise she joined with her captors rather than be abandoned for a second time in her life.

Moody Crewe - Lori Morgan

Young Lucian's father was a sailor who signed on with a privateer and never came home. One summer Luke stowed away on a merchant ship in hopes of  finding out what had happened to his father. After a few days he was discovered in the ship's hold by the second mate. Luke was an intelligent boy and quickly learned the skills he needed to earn his keep. Now, an experienced seaman and fearless fighter, he continues to search for his father.


Our Scurvy Crewe

Having been found guilty of thievery Lizza and a group of other prisoners were being escorted to the place of their incarceration when their guards were distracted by a disturbance on an intersecting street. Liza took advantage of the opportunity and fled along with three other convicts into a local public house. Liza was well known there and her customers, um.... "friends" hid her from her pursuers and eventually freed her from her chains. Being a wanted criminal she was taken in by members of Captain Moody's crew. One thing you can always rely on; Liza always tells the truth, even when she lies.

Lou and Wynn Ward

Caring only for the welfare of others "Mother" Janet operates a home for orphaned and wayward young girls (and boarding house) where she teaches her brood how to earn a passable living. She is, however, very vague about what exactly they learn. Probably sewing, cooking and such....

Jamie Anderson