The Moody Crewe

The Moody Crewe is a maritime living history group founded in 2007, based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We portray pirates and sailors and their families during the "Golden Age of Piracy" (1680 to 1730) and early Colonial American, demonstrating life aboard ship and ashore. Our passion for history and love for all things piratical will soon have you saying “Yo ho, a pirates life for me!” We are widely known for our lively interactive programs, demonstrations, and encampments; for our fun- and fact-filled programs; for our enthusiastic and often hysterically funny shanty sings and storytelling, and for our dynamic black powder weapons demonstrations. Like real pirates, we’re a resourceful and versatile group, and our programs are custom tailored to suit all ages and environments.  Everyone loves a good scurvy scalawag, and for people young and old, pirates are the “hook” that gets them interested in our nation’s pirate/maritime history and heritage, and brings the past to life before their eyes.

Who We Are

Our Qualifications

What We Do

There's an old Buccaneer proverb; "Everything is better if it has pirates in it". Truer  words were never spoken. Whatever kind of thing you're doing why not make it better with pirates of the Moody Crewe .

Here are a few ideas.

Historic Presentations

(schools, museums, libraries)

Birthday Parties

(all ages)

Charity Fund Raisers

(we're good at getting people to donate)

Pirate Weddings

(2 ordained ministers on our Crewe)

Fairs and Festivals

Educational Programs and/or lectures

(general pirate history, 18th century navigation, 18th century food,
18th century medicine, 18th century weaponry,
 21st century "pirate leadership" for businesses)

(songs and comedy)

We will work with you to meet your piratical needs for
any type gathering, any size, any location.

The Moody Crewe today has nearly 200 years combined experience as living historians; some members are listed with the National Registry of Living Historians, are award-winning living history interpreters, experienced television and stage performers, published authors and columnists, and musicians. Many are also certified as Black Powder experts by the National Park Service and some members are affiliated with the Virginia Storytellers Alliance. The majority of our Crewe are current and former firefighters, police and safety officers, military, educators, and doctors, so safety and professionalism are paramount at all our events.

We are licensed and insured through

Histories and Haunts L.L.C.

Moody Crewe Pirates for Hire
Moody Crewe encampment
Moody Crewe - Alpheus fires Betsy at Yorktown festival